Sunday, May 16, 2010

new environment..

Almost 2 month already, I worked at TPM. Hopefully, my pain will recover before i'm back. I never regrets what i'm doing now but sometimes I missed my old lab.
Even its old but it complete with the equipments.I'm free to do new research without limited materials. I learn new things and I wish I can work there again.-this is my hope.

post ni actually dah lama diperam dalam draft. dan setelah didesak beberapa kali oleh pijah supaya meng-update blog yang dah lama bersawang.

selama berada di tempat baru nie,yeah i'm freshing with this new lab.dont want to comment so much,i have to be patient and calm person.kena sentiasa redha dengan apa yang ada.sometimes,terasa diri ni sangat jahat bila ader jer yang xpuas hati. semua benda xkena. semua benda xbetul..haila....i have to change myself to be a better person.

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